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When disaster strikes, are you prepared? Our Fireline® Water Guard® system is not only expertly engineered to handle building movement even in seismic conditions, but ready to protect in the unthinkable occurrence of a fire. Designed to block smoke, flames and heat from small joint openings to large joint openings, Fireline prevents fire from spreading, giving response teams more time to arrive and people more time to escape.

With lives on the line, we obsess over safety to make sure your building is as structurally secure as the people within it.


Fireline® Water Guard® systems are the only fire blankets with a US patented, UL 2079 rated waterproof design. The Water Guard® protects the integrity and performance of the fire barrier from extended exposure to the elements.

U.S. Patent Number: 8,397,45

FIreline-Landing-Page-Image-Components2 100x100.jpgJobsite Flexibility

In order for a project to run smoothly, everything has to come together just right – especially timing. While traditional fire barriers would be ruined by exposure to the elements if not immediately covered, Water Guard® fire barriers can sit uncovered for weeks at a time. With Water Guard, there’s no need to worry if your cover plates didn’t arrive in time for your fire barrier installation.

FIreline-Landing-Page-Image-Components4-100x100.jpgSeismic Protection

Just like the Fireline® system, our Water Guard® can handle seismic movement. So not only does the Water Guard protect your building from the spread of smoke and fire AND eliminate the threat of water rendering your fire barrier useless…it also withstands seismic events keeping one of the most passive fire protection pieces in your building in place.

FIreline-Landing-Page-Image-Components3-100x100.jpgAn Expert Team

One of the biggest benefits of the Water Guard® is the team of experts that accompanies every installation. With over 65 years of experience in the field, our team of JointMaster experts know exactly what it takes for your project to run smoothly. Instead of generic installation courses, our experts will come directly to your project to teach you how to install based on the unique needs of your site. There’s no building just like yours, just like there’s no team of experts just like ours.


WATER: One of the biggest threats

One of the biggest obstacles with traditional fire barriers is that they can never get wet. Many times, fire blankets will arrive before the job site is ready for installation and it must sit out, exposed to the elements. With that type of exposure the barrier will have to be replaced because once the barrier is wet, it is destroyed...unless you’re using Water Guard®.

This system is great for:

  • Open Air Structures
  • Stadiums
  • Plaza Decks
  • Etc.

When it comes to construction phasing, Water Guard is a great product no matter the project type.

With traditional fire barriers, timing has to be perfect; the cover plates need to be installed immediately following the fire barrier installation. However, with Water Guard there is no need to worry if the fire barrier is installed for a few days, weeks or months before the building is enclosed or the cover plates are installed.

Water Guard has been successfully utilized in projects where the system was installed and exposed to the elements for weeks before cover-plate installation.

Take the next step in fortifying your building from the elements by downloading the Fireline® brochure for more information.

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