At Inpro, we believe that making sustainable choices isn’t just about products. It’s also about the impact we have on the environment and on our community. We know that every effort, no matter how tiny, can have a positive impact on our community and beyond.

To demonstrate this philosophy, Inpro partnered with Utopian Villas, to create a custom-built sustainable tiny house for the Greenbuild trade show in 2016. The structure incorporates various Inpro products with a wide range of sustainability attributes and showcases our commitment to becoming more environmentally responsible, both in business and in the community. Besides the fact that it naturally promotes a sustainable lifestyle, this house was constructed with many environmentally-conscious properties.

After the show, the tiny house was donated to Occupy Madison (OM Village) a small, sustainable community of tiny houses located in Madison, Wisconsin. Their mission is to create tiny home communities that combat homelessness in the local area. Residents in the OM Village assist with constructing their homes, they cultivate their own garden, they even take part in woodworking with scrap materials to create items to sell; such as cutting boards, bird houses and decor items.

With the donation of this home, Occupy Madison is going to auction it and the proceeds will be put towards building communal areas for residents of the OM Village. Those areas include a community living space, kitchen and restroom facilities. With the addition of these communal areas, Occupy Madison can expand its total acreage to build more homes and add more residents.

To see videos and learn more about this story visit our Tiny Actions, Big Impact page.

inpro adopts a highway


Inpro has partnered with Waukesha County Adopt-A-Highway Litter Control program for multiple years. Each year we clean up over two miles of Hwy U from 164 to ES. One local resident came outside to see what we were up to; in over his 20 years of living on that stretch of road he has never seen a group of people cleaning it up. He was thrilled to see Inpro care enough to dedicate a few hours to cleaning up his neighborhood throughout the summer!

Adopt-A-Highway is Wisconsin’s litter control program and helps:

Reduce litter along Wisconsin’s highways
Build statewide support for the anti-litter and highway beautification programs
Educate the traveling public to properly dispose of litter
Enhance the environment and beautify Wisconsin’s roadsides
In 2015, Inpro was part of the Wisconsin Adopt-a-Hwy cohort who picked up over 1,360 bags, over 19 tons, of garbage throughout the year. Bumpers, an engine, and a refrigerator door, were the most unusual items found.



A syndrome known as Colony Collapse Disorder has been on the rise causing honey bee colonies to decline at an annual rate of 30% or more. This phenomenon causes adult bees to abruptly vanish, leaving the queen and her brood in a deserted hive. The danger of colony collapse is significant as numerous agricultural crops rely on bees for pollination.

Bees pollinate more than 100 types of crops in the U.S., from almonds to berries. According to the UN, close to $200 billion worth crops globally are dependent on bees to help in spreading pollen. Inpro has decided to do its part in reversing the trend by installing a honey bee sanctuary on its corporate campus outside Milwaukee. In 2015 we expanded our bee sanctuary to four hives or approximately 24,000 to 28,000 bees.

This project has offered a platform for employee education on honey bees, their decline, the health benefits of local honey and more. Inpro has also involved young students at Inpro University daycare on campus. Honey is sold to employees throughout the year and all proceeds go back into the project. Additionally, we’ve had a handful of employees learn from the Inpro experience and install bee hives on their own property.



Inpro has a tradition of hosting employee lunches every other Thursday for our colleagues. During those lunches employees are encouraged to donate non-perishable food items that are then given to the Muskego Area Food Pantry.

The Muskego Food Pantry’s mission is to feed the people of the Muskego area and treat them with dignity, respect, and compassion. Typically, the Food Pantry receives a full barrel or two of canned goods per month from these efforts, which helps them continue to feed hundreds of people monthly.

Additionally, the Food Pantry is currently housed in one of Inpro’s buildings in the Muskego Industrial Park at no cost to the pantry.

inpro participates in cool choices


Inpro wants to reduce energy costs and wants employee's households to reap the rewards of energy efficiency too. What better way to do that than encourage employees to play a fun card game that gives you credit for the simple Cool Choices you can make every day to save money and energy. To learn more about Cool Choices, visit www.coolchoices.com