We make a lot of things. A difference is one of them.

We make a lot of things. A difference is one of them. In fact, making a difference is the most important thing we do. For our communities, our environment, and our well-being. And we aren’t afraid to celebrate it, shout it from the rooftops, and get as many people involved as humanly possible.


A lot has been said about the betterment of our own people. But we show the same kind of dedication to those around us - whether it’s helping students choose a career path, participating in community fund raisers or lending a hand to a local family in need. Inpro serves every corner of our communities, because we’re rooting for everyone to succeed.

Inpro employee volunteering at Muskego National Night Out

Inpro employee holding a goose

Inpro Cares

We know that every effort, no matter how tiny, can have a positive impact on our community and beyond. We support our local community through programs like Adopt-A-Highway, scholarships, student mentorship programs, organization funding, charity sponsorship, food pantry housing and volunteerism. We even offer paid time off for employees to volunteer for a cause they believe in.


For some companies, sustainability is just a sexy trend. At Inpro, sustainability is about so much more than just planting trees. True sustainability is about mindful choices: socially, economically and environmentally. We have teams dedicated to making us more sustainable every day, in every way.

Inpro employee picking a pepper from a garden

Sustainability Partners

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