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Ways to customize your signage

1) Shape

We provide standard sign designs, but if those aren't exactly what you're looking for, we can help you create a completely customized design that fits the needs of your project.

2) Material

We offer a variety of finishes. Here's just a short list, but you can learn more here!

Palladium® Rigid Vinyl Material Photopolymer Material
Our Palladium material is the same
stuff we use for our Rigid Sheet Wall
Protection. This makes our signs
extremely durable and a perfect
match between signs and
door + wall protection

Photopolymer one piece signs have integral
text and braille, adding reliability and vandal
resistance to your signage.

3) Additional Finishes:


Chemetal is made from durable anodized aluminum and can be used as a back-plate on any sign. See an example here.


3Form is a material that features a wide array of innovative and organic materials that are encapsulated between clear sign layers for an innovative solution. See an example here.


We can add a print, graphic or logo to your signs, giving you endless design options.

4) Images + Logos

Digital Graphics, logos or printed patterns provide numerous design options and can be printed on many materials that we offer.

5) colors

Is your facility branded with a specific color? We can help you select coordinating colors with our painted signs.

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