Which shade system is right for you?


Solarity® Solar Shades

Maintain your view of the outdoors while blocking the sun’s heat and glare with Solarity® Solar Shades. Unlike traditional shades, Solarity Shades can be cordless, clutch operated or motorized. They can also be used in a dual system for more flexibility in light exposure and privacy.

  • High Performance, Translucent and Blackout Fabrics available
  • Fabric Openness levels range from Blackout to Sheer
  • Option to customize fabrics with printed graphics
  • Clutch Operated, Cordless or Motorized
  • Great for meeting rooms, classrooms, and waiting rooms

WebbGlide™ Shades

Durable shades for demanding environments. WebbGlide™ Shades are long-lasting shades featuring durable fabrics and side channels. The spring roller system allows you to adjust the shade with the touch of a finger, and easily set it where you leave it.

  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Cordless operation
  • Innovative sleek design
  • Easy to clean without removing the shade
  • Available in dual shade for total light control
  • Great for lobbies, dorm rooms, and guest or resident rooms

WebbLok™ Shades

One of the toughest cordless shades on the market! WebbLok™ Shades are a self-contained shade system specifically designed for areas where damage or tampering may occur. The system features side channels and an extremely durable security box fascia to protect its mechanicals.

  • Exclusive security box and back plate cover prevents tampering of shade hardware
  • Cordless Operation
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to clean without removing the shade
  • Designed for Behavioral Health applications*

*While this product is designed for Behavioral Health applications, it does not guarantee patient safety.