Staircase with Inpro Palladium® Square Edge Wall Panels in Chatsworth Oak, with clear anodized aluminum trim on the sides


Full Wrap: Full Wrap Wall Panels are made to size, providing a symmetrical design element and maximum impact protection for your space. Our panels feature fully bonded edges and a finished backing, so you don’t have to worry about the material warping or chipping.

Square Edge: Our Square Edge Panels with exposed edges allow for panels to be cut and assembled in the field to ensure easy installation over challenging wall conditions. Use with Palladium® to get the look of real wood with high-impact protection, or incorporate whiteboard, fabric, or digitally printed Aspex® panels to personalize.

3D Trim: 3D Trim comes in a variety of finishes and molding options, so you can create virtually any look. Use with our rigid sheet wall protection, or simply use the trim on its own.

Headwalls: Our Headwall System combines the durability of Palladium® Wall Protection with the Headwall expertise of HSI® to form a solution that keeps the area behind patient beds in good condition without taking up additional space.

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