Headwalls: Our Headwall System combines the durability of IPC® Wall Protection with the headwall expertise of HSI® to form a solution that keeps the area behind the patient bed looking clean and new without taking up additional, valuable space.

Full Wrap: Unlike the competition, our Full Wrap Panels with Edge Protectant technology™ feature fully wrapped and bonded edges, so you don’t have to worry about the material pulling from the substrate during transportation and installation. Accessorize with coordinating pieces, including corners and reveal strips for a fully polished look.

Square Edge: Our square edge design allows for the panels to be cut and assembled in the field to ensure easy installation for difficult areas or challenging wall conditions. Incorporate whiteboard, fabric, or digitally printed panels to create a wall system for communication or personalization in corridors, lobbies and patient rooms. Use coordinating silver and black anodize aluminum trim pieces to create a finished look.

3D Trim: Our 3D Wall Trim comes in a variety of finishes and molding options to choose from, so you can create virtually any look by incorporating our Rigid Sheet, or simply using the trim by itself.