Don't just wing it, use an Inpro corner guard

Corner guards can help protect your wall corners and edges from run-ins with carts, beds, wheelchairs or other runaway equipment. Inpro offers a wide array of corner guards to fit all your design and protection needs. Learn more about which commercial corner guard is right for your building and need.

Inpro shiprock grey low profile corner guard

Low Profile

Low Profile Corner Guards provide protection for lighter-traffic areas without interrupting your design. These corner guards are great for hotels, offices and commercial building spaces. Find a low Profile corner guard today!

Inpro High Impact corner guard

High Impact

High Impact Corner Guards combine design and tough protection in areas of high traffic and large damaging equipment. These corner guards are best matched for hospital and school corridors and other locations where there are industrial carts or equipment. Our corner guards feature 3 retainer options to provide you the right amount of protection. Find a High Impact corner guard today!

Inpro corner guard with aluminum retainer

Retainer Options 

Aluminum Retainer

Provides support for traditional corner guards. There is also a two-piece aluminum retainer option that's perfect for custom angle conditions. Available for Rigid Vinyl and G2 BioBlend® corner guards. 

Inpro corner guard with BluNose retainer

BlueNose® Retainer

Features a patented design that is nearly 4 times stronger than aluminum retainers and 6 times stronger than other vinyl retainers. Available for Rigid Vinyl corner guards only. 

Inpro corner guard with BluNose retainer

G2 BioBlend® Retainer

Made with our PVC-free material. G2 BioBlend® is 3 times stronger than other vinyl retainers. Available for G2 BioBlend® corner guards only. 

Inpro Heavy Duty corner guard

Heavy Duty

When you need the ultimate protection for your corners, we have just the solution. Our heavy duty corner guards are great for back-of-house, warehouse, or other places where function comes before form. Find a Heavy Duty corner guard today!

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