Custom Shower Bases are a great option if you are trying to match a current facility condition. Because we manufacture our bases in-house, we can create different shapes, sizes and drain locations so that your receptors fit in your desired locations and existing pluming.

The Details

  • Sizes up to 60" W x 72" D.
  • Maximum or ADA sizes may require central drain location.
  • All bases are made from our BioPrism® Solid Surface material which is non-porous to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
  • All bases are manufactured with a non-skid textured surface which helps to prevent slips and falls.

Shower Base Shape:

Choose the shape of your shower base.

Square/Rectangle Neo Angle Custom Shape

Perfect for corner applications

Only available in double water barrier

drain type:

Choose you drainage solution.

Standard Drain Tamper-Resistant Drain*
Standard with our bases.
Features a brass construction, fiber and rubber
gaskets for a tight seal, and a 4 1/4" polished
snap on stainless steel strainer.
Fits 2" Schedule 40 DWV pipe.

A PVC, tamper-resistant option secured with screws.
Features a stainless steel strainer and fiber and
rubber gaskets for a tight seal.

Choose from our Standard or Tamper Resistant Trench Drains.

*Available for square or rectangle shaped shower bases only.

Standard Trench Grate Tamper Resistant Grate*

Our Standard Stainless Steel Grate can be
held down with screws to prevent tampering
or by magnets to easily remove and clean.

Our Stainless Steel Tamper Resistant Grate
features smaller holes to hinder tampering
to hinder tamperin or hiding of contraband
and is secured to the shower base using
Tamper Resistant screws.

*While these producs are designed for Behavioral Health applications, they do not guarantee patient safety.

Water Barrier

Our Custom Shower Bases come with the option of a Single or Double Water Barrier which is the edge along the top of the shower base that determines the installation method of surrounding walls.

Single Water Barrier Double Water Barrier
Lower surrounding walls onto the shower base
and cut to fit during installation.
Lower surrounding walls on top of the ledge
created by the Double Water Barrier for
easy installation


The Threshold is the barrier that surrounds the entrance of a shower. All are shown here in the square shape shower base. 

Narrow Threshold ADA Threshold No Threshold No Threshold with
Tile Shelf

Our narrow curbed bases have a
small 2” curb to help contain water.

The ADA Shower Base features
an ADA-compliant threshold.

The opening of this receptor is
flush to the adjacent flooring to
allow for easy wheelchair access.
Pair it with our ADA Ramp for
renovation projects!

This base is designed to receive
floor tiles at the leading edge,
creating an overlapping joint.
This example also features a
water barrier with a flange,
providing a flat surface to
accommodate the shower walls.

Custom receptor projects

To learn more about our capabilities, contact a sales representative today!

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Bethany Village 

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