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How to Install Solid Surface Over Tile | Endurant Washroom Systems | Inpro Corporation
solid surface installation over tile

How to Install BioPrism® Solid Surface Over Existing Tile

You can install Endurant® BioPrism Solid Surface Wall Panel sheets over your existing tile as an ideal solution* to fortify and beautify your shower areas. It’s a great way to save on the time and cost it would take to demolish your existing walls. 

* Existing tile must have sound structural integrity to adhere wall panels.

The steps below are a brief overview of the installation process. We recommend that you download our BioPrism Solid Surface Shower Wall Installation Instruction orWall Cladding Installation Instruction documents for detailed preparation and steps for accurate installation of the material.

Step 1

Your current tile condition must be favorable in order to accept the application of a new material. A professional should verify that there are not any existing structural or water damaged areas, broken or cracked tiles, or missing grout.

Check existing tile condition

Step 2

Use a belt sander with 36 grit sand paper and abrade the tile every 8 to 10 inch square. This will give the surface a rough texture that the adhesive can bond to.

abrade tile to prep adhesive bond

Step 3

Apply quarter coin-sized dollops of 100% silicone to abraded areas.

apply silicone to abraded areas

Step 4

Position the pre-cut BioPrism Wall Panel and press it firmly onto the tile. 

In advance determine where hard seams, soft seams, batten strips, corner moldings, and perimeter trim will occur.

Hard Seaming: Hard seaming is the joining of two or more panels with two-part adhesives to form inconspicuous seams.

Soft Seaming: Soft seaming is the joining of two or more panels with color matched or translucent silicone to form subtle seams. 

apply solid surface material to existing tile