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Our Fireline® 140 Fire Barriers are not only expertly engineered to handle building movement even in seismic conditions, but are ready to protect in the unthinkable occurrence of a fire. Designed to block smoke, flames and heat from small joint openings to large joint openings, Fireline prevents fire from spreading, giving response teams more time to arrive and people more time to escape.

With lives on the line, we obsess over safety to make sure your building is as structurally secure as the people within it.

Now that’s protection from every perspective.™

Fireline 140 Landing Page Images2.jpgSprings Into Action

Our design experts engineered the Fireline® 140 system for a true drop in installation. The system features adjustable compression springs that provide outward pressure within the throat of the join, meaning you don’t have to deal with screws, sealants or complex seaming. Just place the system in the joint, cut the zip-ties and move on to the next section.


Fireline 140 Landing Page Images3.jpgInclusive Benefits

Whether you’re an architect, designer, contractor or installer – the Fireline® 140 System has benefits for you. If you’re an architect or designer, rest easy that you’ll have a consistent installation leaving your project looking great. And if you’re a contractor, take joy in our drop in installation which saves you time and money on the jobsite.


Fireline 140 Landing Page Images4.jpgTried and Tested

We obsess about the safety of buildings and the people who use them which means we test our products to the most extreme criteria. Our Fireline® 140 system is tested in accordance to UL 2079 and ASTM-E119 standards.


Fireline® 140 is designed with everyone’s best interest in mind; not only do we want a fast and cost-effective installation, but we also want consistent installation and design approved finish.

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A) Our Fireline® 140 features patented pre-attached flanges that utilize adjustable compression springs for consistent outward pressure within the joint.

B) Similar to our Fireline® 520 system, sections of the 140 come with factory made male to female ends, eliminating the need for complex field manipulation at the seams. They days of layering fire blanket in the field are OVER! Not to mention, the 140 system does not require mechanical fastening or fire caulks for installation – no complicated tools or messy adhesives required.

C) However, the simple installation of the Fireline® 140 system certainly does not take away from its protective qualities. Within the tough outer walls of the 140 that are used for transportation and installation protection, there are layers of intumescences and high temperature insulation to resist toxic smoke and fire.

D) The 140 system mounts against the inside face of the expansion joint. This not only eases installation of the 140 system, but also of any coverplate or chase wall system installed above. This allows for a more consistent finish throughout your design and more flexibility in your coverplate selection.

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