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Markets - Interior & Exterior Architectural Products | Inpro Corporation


Need inspiration? Take a closer look at how Inpro's complete line of interior and exterior architectural products can beautify any building. Explore how we have helped some of our biggest building segments.


Our products not only protect the appearance of healthcare spaces, but also create healing environments that promote the best patient outcomes.

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Protecting the appearance of your hotel and maintaining your image go hand in hand. Accomplish both by using preventative maintenance products that incorporate your image so your guests always have a positive experience and a great connection with your property.

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Schools take an enormous amount of abuse and require constant maintenance. We protect buildings from everyday wear and tear, vandalism and constant cleaning and help schools focus on more important things like providing the best possible learning environments.

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Like any other building, you never get a second chance to make a first impression and commercial spaces are no different. By preventing relentless damage and making buildings safe and comfortable, they make a positive impression on staff and visitors and become places that foster growth, innovation and success!

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We've put an end to the war against constant maintenance in commercial spaces, so you can finally have a property that always looks good, without the endless hamster wheel of repairs.

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We go to obsessive lengths to create products that protect the appearance of buildings and the health and safety of the people who use them every day. Why? Because if we don’t, they become costly to maintain and even hazardous to your occupants and your bottom line. Inpro products reduce maintenance time and cost so you can focus on more important things—the residents.

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With thousands of people cheering, jeering, dancing, jumping and doing whatever they do as they root for their favorite team, their experience is important. Protection to keep their sacred grounds pristine can help score a victory in creating a great fan experience.

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Airports take a lot of abuse both aesthetically and structurally. Protect interiors from heavy amounts of travelers, luggage, carts and equipment with protection products and expansion joint systems designed to handle this busy environment.

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