the project

Full wall Aspex® Printed Wall Protection installation with existing artwork relocated and installed over top.

Designer: Paisley Collective - Tacoma, Washington

Contractor: Painters Unlimited Inc. -  Kirkland, Washington

Installer: KHWC Inc. - Bothell, Washington

Inpro® Products Used

  • Aspex® Printed Wall Protection
  • FastFill™ Color Matched Caulk

The Project

A rebrand was undertaken as part of a relocation to a new home office.  Expansive wall space in a high-traffic area created the need for wall protection and offered a high-visibility creative opportunity to extend the nautical theme brand.

The result is a powerful transformation of the entire work environment.

Inpro’s Aspex® Printed Wall Protection was applied.  Existing artwork was relocated and installed over Aspex product, then the backlit ship’s wheel was added to complete the creative execution.

The installing subcontractor was very experienced in applying rigid vinyl wall protection products, and found the Aspex product easy to handle, cut, fit and apply.

Rather than simply using clear caulk on the seams, the subcontractor requested and applied Inpro colored caulking to make the final appearance even more seamless.

Where caulk wasn’t a sufficient match, grey toned India Ink artist pens were used for additional color blending.

This was as much an art project as it was wall protection, and its impact transforms and anchors the entire space.