the project

A $3.5 million renovation focused on outdated elevator machine components and interiors.

Lead Firm: RDK Engineers 

Consulting Firm: Wright McGraw Beyer Architects

Installation Team: ThyssenKrupp Elevator

UNCC realized that it was essential to their brand to also renovate the elevator interiors to appeal to the building occupants. The previous elevators were torn up for constant abuse and the University welcomes many visitors including parents and some dignitaries. Torn and tattered elevators reflect poorly on the reputation of the school as a whole. The project included the modernization of 14+ outdated elevator cab interiors throughout the campus. 

Inpro offered UNC Charlotte cab options that provide unmatched durability for years to come. Our Ascend® Elevator Cab Systems utilize our Palladium® Wall Panel products from our IPC® line of products. With over 35 years of experience in protecting the walls of all kinds of buildings, UNC Charlotte’s elevators are in good hands. 

Encased in our Palladium® Rigid Sheet material, our elevator panels are ideal for high-traffic areas like university elevators. They can stand up to countless amounts of damage and continue to look like new. What a change this created from the tattered and torn elevators UNC Charlotte previously had. Now they can welcome parents and dignitaries without fretting about less than attractive elevators. 

Utilizing Edge Protectant Technology™, our panels are fully wrapped and protected so there’s no chance of the laminate pulling away from the substrate. Plus, all screws and seams are covered by reveal strips to prevent tampering. No chipping, no marring, no tampering, no worries for maintenance!

With our many cab configurations and various color and pattern options, UNC Charlotte had the freedom to design the cabs that perfectly complemented their facility. Since we clad our panels with rigid sheet material, it's even an option to match your elevator interiors to your elevator lobbies and corridors for a completely cohesive design.

Our cabs feature a patent-pending fastening system that allows for a fast and simple installation. What did that mean for UNC Charlotte? Less elevator downtime. Installation of each cab was completed in one day so students, faculty and visitors were inconvenienced as little as possible. 

products used in this project