the project

Extensive installation of numerous interior and exteriors expansion joint systems.

Architect: Warren & Mahoney Architects Ltd. - Christchurch, NZ
Contractor: Fletcher Construction Ltd. - Auckland, NZ

Inpro® Products Used

Extensive installation of 4,731 linear meters/15,522 linear feet (4.73 km/2.94 mi.) of numerous interior and exteriors expansion joint systems. The seismic joint systems installed varied from 50mm (2”) to 900mm (35”) wide.

Notable is the installation of the new 353 Series Seismic Joint, which uses ceramic magnets to hold the panels in place, and stronger braided-metal arresting cables. The pan is expertly engineered to accept many common infill materials to minimize sightlines.

The Project
The Christchurch Justice & Emergency Services Precinct (the Precinct) is a $400 million project, and the first major public building to be built and opened in Christchurch by the government since the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. The new precinct was constructed on base isolators and designed to withstand the most severe earthquakes.