A turtle on a sandy beach with Shield by Panaz® Privacy Cubicle Curtains patterns overlaid on top. Copy reads: Not just private. Protective.

Shield by Panaz® fabrics are antimicrobial*, liquid repellent and highly resistant to most stains, making them ideal for cubicle curtains and shower curtains. Because they are easy to wipe down in place and don’t require special detergents, Shield fabrics may help cut down on costs by reducing the need to take them down as frequently for routine laundering. Plus, they come in over 20 patterns and 100 colors, making it easy for you to coordinate with the rest of your interiors.

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*To inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.


Stain + Liquid Repellent

Shield fabrics may be wiped clean versus laundered due to repellency and stain resistance – saving you time and costs associated with laundering.


Easy Care + Maintenance

Unlike other fabrics, Shield by Panaz® does not require special detergents to maintain its antimicrobial properties – and the dry time is 3-5 minutes, much less than a typical fabric.



With Shield by Panaz®, you get high performance fabrics with high quality design. With over 20 patterns and 100 colorways to choose from, it’s easy to coordinate with the rest of your interiors.

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