Person attaching a corner guard with a yellow drill.

5 easy steps to installing heavy duty and tape-on corner guards

When it comes to protecting the corners inside your building’s corridors and doorways from constant bumping and bashing, all it takes is 5 easy steps to install Inpro’s high-impact BluNose® and tape-on Corner Guards:

How to install a BluNose® Corner Guard

Please reference our installation instructions for full details

  1. Clean the surface: The wall surface that the corner guards are to be applied must be dry and free of dirt, dust, oil, loose paint, wax and grease.
  2. Position the BluNose vinyl retainer against the corner of your wall, stagger and drill the required number of holes based on height with a ¼” (6mm) drill bit and position alligator anchors into holes. (4 per 3’, 6 per 4’, 10 per 8’)
  3. Mount the retainer.
  4. Overlap the top and bottom caps with the retainer and attach.
  5. Position the cover on the retainer and adjust the top cap for a tight fit. Starting at the top, push cover onto retainer pressing over the entire length until it snaps into place.

The retainer in a BluNose Corner Guard is unlike any other – the patented design is 4X stronger than aluminum, and 6X stronger than other vinyl retainers. How do we know?  Because we tested our BluNose Corner Guards per ASTM F 476-84, paragraph 18. See 1.04 System Description, item #4 in the specification

How to install tape-on corner guards 

Please reference our installation instructions for full details

  1. Clean the surface of the wall by removing dust, dirt, oil, loose paint or any debris.
  2. Peel the paper release backing from the corner guard.
  3. Starting at the bottom, position the corner guard on the wall. Apply firm pressure to the entire surface of the corner guard to ensure a firm bond. Use an extension roller to ensure firm application
  4. If your corner guard does not have tape or you’re applying it to textured or difficult surfaces, such as glazed block or wallpaper use Heavy-Duty Adhesive to ensure application.
    1. Apply a bead of adhesive in a zig-zag pattern over the back of the corner guard.
  5. Immediately position corner guard on the wall and apply pressure until a tight fit is achieved.
    1. Use an extension roller will aid this step.