Privacy curtain options to reduce laundering costs and speed room turnarounds

Here's a quick round-up of options for privacy/cubicle curtains that can reduce the amount of time it takes to turnaround a patient room, and reduce laundering:

Shield by Panaz® Curtains

Utilizing silane-based technology, Shield fabrics have been tested and proven to be permanently antimicrobial* to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. They also repel liquids and are highly resistant to most stains, which makes them ideal for cubicle curtains, shower curtains and window treatments.

Antimicrobial Technology.png

One hospital in New York did a room turnaround analysis and determined that by using Shield curtains, they could speed the changeover and save the hospital $50,000 in Year 1, and $140,000 in each subsequent year. The savings would come in the form of lower laundering costs, change-out time and reduced loss in revenue due to room closures. 

EZE-Swap® Snap Panel Curtains

Another option is snap-panel curtains, which allow easy change-out of only the soiled panels. Standard panel sizes are 66" wide by 66" high; custom sizes are available. 

Disposable Curtains

Rounding out the trifecta of options, are straight Disposable Curtains, made of 100% non-woven polypropylene and include a polyester mesh and a Velcro® tie back. Curtains are accordion folded for easy storage and handling. 

*It is important to launder the curtains per manufacturer's instructions.