January is a great time to make personal resolutions – lose weight, stop smoking, start exercising, take up guitar, and so on.  Oftentimes, we set some pretty ambitious goals, and there’s nothing wrong with that … aim high.

When it comes to fixing up a facility, we understand that renovations can seem daunting … and expensive.  If you’re going to “tear down to the studs” … yep, bring your checkbook.

But, here’s the revolutionary part:  We’d suggest that there are some easy ways to freshen a building’s interior without breaking the bank.  Here are five quick tips to help start the ball rolling:

  1. Behold the humble corner guard – Every facility has those hallway corners that have taken a battering. Put in beautiful color-coordinated or wood grain corner guards to fix up and beautify that hall … and provide long-term protection.
  2. New signage – Time to take down the Xerox machine “signs” you have taped up, and replace them with beautiful architectural signage that works with your décor.
  3. Wall art – Nothing brightens a space like beautiful imagery. Go with nature scenes to being the great outdoors inside.
  4. New window treatments -- Threadbare curtains or bent and broken blinds look bad both inside and out. Replacing window treatments can really bring a clean, well-designed look to a space. New durable solar shades can help maintain outside views while cutting energy costs.
  5. Don’t forget your elevators – Dark, worn-out elevator cabs can lead to a not-so-pleasant ride for your building occupants and visitors. Upgrading the cab’s interior and lighting isn’t as hard as you might think it is.


And here’s a great place to start – take a walk through your building with an eye toward spots that may be showing a bit too much wear and tear.  We can help!  Download our white paper Conducting a Facility Appearance Audit and you’ll be on your way.

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