Whether you need to increase capacity by making better use of your current space or to increase capacity for an emergency hospital surge situation, our cubicle curtain + track products offer the perfect solution.

The following products allow you to quickly and easily create segmented spaces almost everywhere and anywhere you need them.

*Due to high demand around COVID-19 activity, we are replenishing product as quickly as possible. Please contact us for alternate options if the product you are looking for appears to be out of stock.

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Formatrac® Bendable Cubicle Track

Use Formatrac® Bendable Track to create a quick section of cubicle curtains. Formatrac can be bent by hand on the job-site so installation is simple. Because of its flexible nature, Formatrac accommodates virtually any room design and is easy to store on-site in rolls.

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In-Stock Curtains

Need cubicle curtains in a pinch? We can get you what you need … fast! We offer a variety of pre-made cubicle curtains in standard sizes and select colors that can ship to you within 24 hours. Our in-stock curtains accommodate up to 8' and 9' ceiling heights. Choose from standard polyester, vinyl or recyclable/disposable curtains.

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5-Day Curtains

We carry high inventory levels of our best-selling fabrics, and our in-house manufacturing capabilities enable us to make custom cubicle curtains that are ready to ship within 5 days*.

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*Maximum order size for 5 day shipping is 20 curtains made from our In-Stock Fabrics. Lead times vary for products not in stock. Colors and patterns are subject to availability.


Disposable Curtains

For areas that require frequent curtain change outs, Disposable Cubicle Curtains are a great option. Not only do they cost less than traditional fabric curtains, but they save you time and money associated with laundering. Disposable curtains are individually packaged in plastic sleeves and accordion folded for easy storage and handling. They’re also available with a snap-panel option that makes changing them even easier.

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EZE Space™ Portable Room Divider

When you need to create maximum privacy in a minimized footprint, the EZE-Space™ room divider is the perfect solution. Its compact, collapsible design makes for simple storage, while its high level of sound absorption provides a quiet environment.

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