Right after the lobby area, elevators are the next space your building’s guests and residents will see. If you think about it, people ride in your elevators hundreds of times a day. If they’re dual purpose – people and deliveries – then the risk of wall damage goes up … maybe way up. Chances are your elevators are showing real signs of wear and tear, and might be giving folks a less-than pleasant ride.

Without requiring any work to the mechanical and structural “bones” of your elevator unit, you can simply renovate the interiors of your cabs. But are you wondering where do you start? We are here to help you decide what finishes and designs are right for your elevator cabs.

4 Durable Finish Options for Elevator Modernization:

Palladium® Rigid Sheet Wall Protection

Safeguard the surfaces in your elevator with our Palladium® Rigid Sheet wrapped panels that have superior impact resistance.

Stainless Steel

Provides industrial strength protection with a polished, high-end look to give your elevator a modern, professional feel.

Aspex® Printed Wall Protection

Aspex® Printed Wall Protection gives you design freedom while protecting your walls from the toughest damage.


Your cab, your way. Not all elevator cabs endure the same levels of abuse. That’s why you can customize your cab to fit unique needs. Combine multiple materials so that your cab will suit your facility.